In Spain, there is a successful film series called Torrente. Created by and starring comedian Santiago Segura, the films center around a fat, racist, corrupt cop who is fired from the force but continues to work the beat regardless. Man, the culture in Spain is so different from what I'm used to. In America, we don't fire our cops for any of the above.

We also don't have successful films that revolve around unlikable characters (except for the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies). New Line is eager to bring Torrente stateside, and they're trying to line up Sacha Baron Cohen for the role. He hasn't signed on for a fat suit yet, but has taken a few meetings. Hopefully, this comes to pass. I'm ready for more gross out humor from Cohen, and can see him diving into this role. Fingers crossed. Also, why didn't anyone tell me Spanish cinema is so awesome? We're gonna have to work on us, dudes. (LA Times)