RZA And DJ Cotrona Join ‘G.I. Joe’ Sequel, The Rock Gets Confirmed

Monday, June 27 by

RZA will bring his distinct aura of Wu-Tang of cool to the (thus far) uncool G.I. Joe franchise for round 2. Joe also got Detroit 1-8-7 star DJ Cotrona to join as well, who…I’m sure is a really great guy, but not bringing the cool. ┬áCotrona will be playing Flint, while RZA will be playing a decidedly more badass kung-fu character named the Blind Master. Now we’re getting somewhere.

In other G.I. Joe news, the participation of The Rock has gone from being a foregone conclusion to just a conclusion. He will be playing Roadblock. All you really need to know about Roadblock is that he is enormous and carries a .50 caliber machine gun. Works for me.

The series has essentially gotten a reboot for the sequel after the original didn’t seem to pass muster with fans nor critics. Jon Chu will be taking over helming duties and Channing Tatum will be returning, but the rest of the cast will be new to the franchise.

While it’s not exactly poised for critical acclaim, the sequel certainly sounds more interesting with these recent additions. (THR, Variety)

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  1. June 27, 2011 6:08 pm

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    I am big fan of them and i think after this news rock is confirmed really because they will blast on stage.

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