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Ryan Reynolds Hasn’t Been Asked To Be In The ‘Justice League’

Sunday, April 3 by

Once again, it’s been proven that any assumptions made about Warner Bros’ Justice League project simply make asses out of you and me, as the expression goes. Although it would seem to make perfect sense otherwise, Ryan Reynolds, the current wearer of the Green Lantern‘s power ring, has not been asked to appear in a Justice League movie. He recently told The LA Times:

“That’s a whole other conversation. That’s a whole business model and nothing to do with me at all. No one has ever approached me about doing a ‘Justice League’ movie. We’ll see if they do it in the long run.”

This is consistent with Zack Snyder‘s saying his Superman is also a separate entity from the upcoming Justice League movie. I think this is a bad decision though – isn’t the fun of any Justice League project seeing your favorite super-heroes together in one team? By populating a 2013 Justice League movie with no-name faceless actors, you’re neutralizing one of the biggest appeals of the movie. But what do I know? I thought League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was an OK movie.

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