Denis O'Hare is apparently a leading man. So if his"True Blood" schtick as "Prime Minister of Vampires" or whatever wore a little thin, you might want to avoid "American Horror Story." If ANY schtick wears thin for that matter, you might want to avoid "American Horror Story." After all, it's Ryan Murphy. He doesn't so much "tell" stories as he does club you upside the head with them.

And we're about to get hit in the dome with a big ole' gay vampire. O'Hare has been cast opposite Connie Britton as "Larry the burn guy." Subtlety, thy name is Murphy.

I have reservations about this decision. I don't know if I will be able to believe that O'Hare isn't a gay vampire after he was SUCH a gay vampire on "True Blood.". I guess if they cover him with enough burns, I can suspend disbelief.

The pilot episode shoots next month once Murphy finishes shooting this season of"Glee." Expect the pilot to radiate the quiet dignity for which Ryan Murphy shows are known. (Deadline)