Ryan Murphy Asked To Put His ‘Glee’ Stench All Over ‘Annie’

Wednesday, February 9 by

Ryan Murphy, shown here delighting a young boy with a kiss, has been asked to helm the Annie remake starring Willow Smith in order to make it the most saccharine project in the history of cinema. Murphy’s possible involvement means that there should be casting decisions regarding openly gay characters in wheelchairs coming any day now. Take THAT, 1994 middle America!

This move seems a little redundant, as I assume anyone that likes”Glee” would already line up to see this remake. See, if the producers Smith had gone a different direction, like Tarantino or maybe that Winter’s Bone gal, then they could have tapped into two audiences. Missed opportunity on their part.

What does all this mean, other than “I’m still not going to see this movie”? It means that the producers, aka “Willow Smith’s parents” take the musical aspect of this production seriously, but not seriously enough that they’re not going to dumb-down the influence of Jay-Z on the project. I can just imagine a production meeting with Will, Willow, Jada, and Ryan Murphy all gabbing it up about which Katy Perry song to introduce in the third act while Jay-Z sits across from them, slowly, methodically banging his head on the table, only to lift his head up and with a solitary tear streaming down his face. (Deadline)

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