The time was a few weeks ago. Back then, Americans were still thinking about the death of Osama Bin Laden, the Spider-Man musical on Broadway re-opened, injuring fewer actors than ever before, and Ryan Gosling announced he was going to direct and star in a remake of 1980's The Idolmaker. Those were heady times.

[post-album postid="211086" item="2"]Now Gosling is backing away from The Idolmaker project, based on the eventual downfall of rock music promoter Bob Marcucci. Even though MGM has made this remake a "high priority" for the studio, Gosling has a full iCal right now, between promoting the upcoming Crazy, Stupid, Love, taking part in The Place Between the Pines and perhaps starring in the new Logan’s Run. Also, my sources have confirmed that the spirit of rock and roll music has officially died in Ryan Gosling's heart, which I'm sure contributed to his decision.

MGM says that if Gosling is still available in the future, and the project hasn't yet lifted-off, he could return to the director's chair. (Deadline)