If you question whether Russell Crowe would make a good director, you might wake up in the hospital with bruises from getting beaten up with a telephone. Best to just let it happen.

Crowe is considering an offer to direct and star in 77, which would be his directorial debut. The story takes place in 1974, even though the film is called 77, so keep those numbers straight, you guys. It ties together a shootout between the LAPD and the Symbionese Liberation Army, in which 50,000 rounds were fired, and the unsolved murder of an LA police officer. The script is by David Matthews based off a story by James Ellroy (LA Confidential).

The Symbionese Liberation Army were the brainwashing cult who kidnapped Patty Hearst. They were crazy. Russell Crowe... also crazy. In a different way, of course, but I think I can see the connection. (Deadline)