There hasn't been a lot of news about Wu-Tang Clan Head-of-Voltron RZA's upcoming kung-fu movie The Man with the Iron Fist once it was announced that it was actually getting made on location in China. But that's about to change now that according to MovieLine, world-fighting enthusiast Russell Crowe has been confirmed as part of the cast (for real this time). This is of course after being previously confirmed before then being reported as not actually being part of the movie. Man, I'm beginning to think this Russell Crowe guy is a little high-strung.

Anyway, the plot synopsis is that Crowe and RZA are playing a couple of guys in feudal China who have to defend themselves using kung-fu and stuff. Too bad it isn't set in a more modern era -- Russell Crowe won't have any telephones to throw. Wonder if he can deadlift a rickshaw.