[post-album postid="213397" item="8"]The type of people that dislike Diablo Cody's cinematic sensibilities are probably also not the biggest Russell brand fans, so I'm going to offer up this news, then duck behind this couch for a while, if that's ok. Brand has been offered the part of William, the male protagonist, in the Cody's next effort, Lamb of God.

Not much is known about the film's presence beyond this logline:
The comedy follows a young conservative religious woman who loses her faith after a plane crash, decides to go to Las Vegas to live the life of a sinner, and on her journey finds her way back to her faith.

With that in mind, I'm seeing Brand as more of a Sin City stalwart than her good ole' boy back home. The female lead, which will be the bigger part because, c'mon, it's Diablo Cody, hasn't been ID'd yet, though Twitch is saying that the frontrunner is Dancing with the Stars contestant and Ryan Seacrest girlfriend Julianne Hough. She sounds...like...she would...be a very...nice addition to this project.

*Ending the column before rage paralysis takes over*