Continuing his countdown from Three Kings, David O. Russell is about to jump into 2 Guns, a Vince Vaughn vehicle that is based on a military comic book of the same name. Russell is expected to rewrite the original Blake Masters draft and direct the film, which has been held by Universal since Vaughn was attached in 2008. Negotiations to get Russell on board are advanced and are expected to be finalized very soon.

Two Guns has a Mr. and Mrs. Smith-like premise in that it features two Naval officers investigating each other unbeknownst to one another. The two then find that they have stolen money from the government for the mob and they presumably go forth to set things right and save their own lives. The other lead has not been announced, but Vaughn's ability to react and riff should open the field up to just about any actor or actress with a pulse and a SAG card.

2 Guns is a property of Boom! Studios, the founders of which, Andrew Cosby and Ross Richie, are serving as producers of the film as well. No timeline has been given for production or release, but this has all the makings of a tentpole release. Here's to hoping we get the slim Vince Vaughn for this one. (Hollywood Reporter)