Because there are STILL unanswered questions stemming from the first three, a Rush Hour 4 is in the works, according to producer Arthur Sarkissian. The fourth installment will return to the grittiness of the first film, which itself can only be considered "gritty" in the context of the other two sequels, I guess.

I had always thought that Jackie Chan was the guy you used to get grit off your movies. And Chris Tucker was the guy you used to get them to taste like white bread and water.

Now what will the fourth Rush Hour entail, plot-wise? Hmm. Probably a sassy talking dog, maybe sassy Puerto Rican wives, or maybe a sassy eight-year old that the duo are charged with protecting.

There will be sass.

Yes, I see your hand up, you in the back, and director Brett Ratner's involvement isn't imagined at this time, though Mr. Sarkissian did say Ratner was "more than welcome to do it," which is a nice way of saying, "Mr. Ratner can go fuck himself. I have a gay son who I love very much."