This news is as suspicious as a check signed by Frank Abagnale Jr. However, it's juicier than a bottle of red prison wine, so we're letting you know about it. Proceed with caution:

The rumor mill claims that Martin Scorsese is ready to helm The Wolf of Wall Street, with Leonardo DiCaprio set to star. Based on an autobiography by Jordan Belfort, it's the story of hot shot Wall Street executives in the 90s, living it up and saying things to each other like, "this stock market party is going to last forever." In 2007, Scorsese was announced as the director of the film, but then it fell into Ridley Scott's lap after a studio slap fight between Warner Bros. and Paramount over the rights. Now it's supposedly back in Scorsese's grip, and the word is that DiCaprio's manager Rick Yorn has secured financing to film in June.

This is where the whole thing kinda falls apart. A quick glance at Scorsese's iCal would probably reveal he's still shooting a big budget 3D movie, Hugo Cabret, for release this December. There's gonna be a lot of post production robot/toy/crazy-world-in-your-face overseeing to do. Plus there's The Irishman with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, which Scorsese said he might drunkenly roll cameras on later this year.

So I would take this rumor ziti with a big, hefty grain of salt. (The Playlist)