Mark Ruffalo strikes me as a little too timid to put on much of a magic show, but now that will be for audiences to decide as both he and Amanda Seyfried are in talks to star in Now You See Me, a heist film focusing on magicians, excuse me, illusionists, who somehow pull off bank jobs during their performances. The pair would join Jesse Eisenberg and Melanie Laurent who have already signed on the project, to be directed by Clash of the Titans director Louis Letterier.

While the first sentence works of this article works nicely as an opener, Ruffalo is actually in talks to play an FBI agent on the trail of the illusionists (wayyyyyyy more logical), and Seyfried would play the mastermind behind all the illusions and contraptions (somewhat less logical).

I can only assume Eisenberg will play some sort of ventriloquist dummy come to life.