Mickey Rourke, in one of his usual crazy-by-normal-standards-but-sane-by-Rourke-standards interviews, has conveyed that filming on his pet project, a biopic of openly gay rugby player Gareth Thomas, will begin in February.

Is he to be believed? It seems as though the project isn't destined to be green lit, as Rourke is 22 years older than Thomas and will have to demonstrate some serious chops on the rugby pitch. But Rourke stands strong in his assertion that the project is moving forward. Once someone that's not Mickey Rourke provides corroboration that the project is moving forward, I'll start to believe.

For over a year, Rourke has been playing up this project, discussing it in interviews and championing Thomas (though rumors are it might just be a story inspired by Thomas, rather than a true biopic). The only disappointment there is that Rourke may no longer be required to perform a Welsh accent, which had me giddy as a schoolgirl. (Vulture)