Since the Dark Tower multimedia epic has hit a few stumbling blocks, Ron Howard had to do something to keep him off the couch, admiring his own voice-over work on the"Arrested Development" DVDs.

It's looking likely that his next gig will be the direction of Rush, a biopic of Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda, who nearly died in a violent 1976 crash. The story will also examine the rivalry between the Austrian Lauda and British driver James Hunt. So it's sorta like Days of Thunder. Sorta.

Talks are early on this one, but Howard seems to have gotten a taste for more action-oriented films between this, the abandoned Amnesty, and Dark Tower, which should come as little surprise considering the beating he took for his latest, The Dilemma.

If Kevin James pops up as a fat race car driver, I'm not only giving up on Howard, but people in general.