Ron Howard To Definitely Direct ‘Spy. Vs. Spy’…Right After That ‘Dark Tower’ Affair

Wednesday, June 22 by

Ron Howard might be overcompensating for this delay in The Dark Tower. Fresh off the news last night that he is circling Rush, a biopic about Formula One driver Niki Lauda, he has up and attached himself to direct a live-action adaptation of the Mad comic strip “Spy vs. Spy,” a serial thinkpiece about a black guy (but not, you know, “African-American”) and a white guy (you get the idea) that take turns blowing each other up.

Howard will be joined in this production by David Koepp, who will produce and oversee the script written by John Kamps. And don’t worry, Imagine partner Brian Grazer will be producing as well, lest he get his feelings hurt. However, the film won’t get rolling in the near future, as Howard remains steadfast that The Dark Tower will film early next year, either with Universal or another studio willing to take on the production. Presumably, that meansĀ Rush will, along with Spy, take a backseat to The Dark Tower for quite some time.

While the Spy vs. Spy news is still breaking and appears to be a ways off, one thing is certain: This will not ensure that the “Arrested Development” movie gets moving any quicker.

Deadline describes the story as a “physical and highly visual action comedy,” which raises more questions than it does answers, but at least it won’t be a gritty reboot or an origin story. Oh, God. I hope it’s not an origin story. Do we really need a reason why these guys are after each other?

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