Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have scooped up Amnesty, a hush-hush project that Ron Howard is attached to direct. Ron Howard's inseparable production partner Brian Grazer is also attached to produce. While the concept of Amnesty is being kept quiet, Deadline reports that the plot "blends Robert Ludlum and JRR Tolkien." Huh.

If this is the actual concept, then it should serve two grossly underserved constituencies: the "Lord of the Rings didn't contain enough political espionage and car chases" faction, as well as the "Why didn't Jason Bourne fight WAY more monsters?" tribe.

Additionally, it seems unlikely that this would be a suitable vehicle through which Howard can reintroduce America to his delightful deadpan narration style that so many fell in love with in"Arrested Development."

Whatever this thing shakes out to be, don't hold your breath for a near-term release, as Howard, Grazer and the rest of the Imagine team will have their hands full with three feature installments of The Dark Tower, as well as two short run TV series. Who would have thought that Stephen King would be able to produce such a rambling saga?