With The Dark Tower having fallen through, everyone is curious which project Ron Howard will pick up. Though we now know there's one that he won't go near -- the final film in the Dan Brown trilogy.

Howard has let it be known at Sony that he has no interest in filming Tom Hanks chasing after priests in The Lost Symbol. An insider tells Deadline, "He just didn't want to do that thing over and over, the same character and the same stories." Also, that hair.

Though Howard was eager to re-team with Hanks on the Somali pirate film based on the bestselling book A Captain's Duty. But in the end, Sony's Amy Pascal didn't feel Howard was the right fit for the project. "Ron did want to direct the Somali pirate movie. But Amy felt she wanted a different director. Nothing personal," an insider explained. One agent involved in the film said, "She wanted someone hotter and cooler." The project was offered to Paul Greengrass, who is now in talks, but it seems to me that if you want someone hotter and cooler than Ron Howard, you need only look one place. The Fonz.