Roman Polanski Is A Free Man

Monday, July 12 by

Check out "Cool Dad."

Phew! Looks like we’ll get a sequel to The Ghost Writer afterall. That was a close one. Government officials in Switzerland have decided to free Roman Polanski after seven months of house arrest. The Swiss had planned to expedite the famed director to the U.S. where he would serve a prison sentence for drugging and raping a 13-year old girl in 1977, but have now declined to do so because of a fault in America’s application for his extradition.

Great. Way to drop the ball, guys. There’s no way he’s going to fall for the whole we want to give you a lifetime achievement award again. Now our only option for capturing him is to dress Dog the Bounty Hunter as a schoolgirl, and drop him in the Alps. It’s a crazy plan, but right crazy is the best hope we’ve got. (NY Times)


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