Rod Lurie, director of The Contender and the divisive upcoming Straw Dogs remake, has committed to another project, Borderline, a thriller written by Justin Marks. Borderline tells the story of the chess game between a husband, father and the the fugitives that have taken him and his family hostage.

Little else is known about the project, but, with a producing team that consists of vets of Blue Valentine and The Hurt Locker, expect the tension to be dialed up to 11 for this film.

The film is currently seeking out its two lead actors, but no names have been bandied about yet. Lurie has stated that he would like the actors (and the film) to convey the amoral behavior in its fugitives that has been seen in the likes of The Getaway, Hud, and Sugarland Express, so...don't expect everyone to walk away from this story in one piece. (THR)