As everyone who saw Take Me Home Tonight knows, the 80s are inherently hilarious. But the producers of the upcoming Rock of Ages have decided to hedge their comedic bets a little by finally casting long-rumored comedy heavyweight Alec Baldwin as "Dennis, the owner of the ‘80s rock club The Bourbon." The producers also seem to think the movie needs a little bit more "rock" to go with Baldwin's "age," casting the also-previously-rumored-to-be-attached singer Mary J. Blige as "Justice Charlier, the owner of the Sunset Strip’s exotic dance venue the Venus Club." And Mary J. Blige isn't the only musician who's landed a role in the movie - country singer Julianne Hough was previously cast as "Sherrie, the small town girl who travels to Los Angeles with dreams of making it big and falls in love." I wonder if she'll make it big?

Baldwin, Blige, and Hough are joining Tom Cruise and MAYBE Anne Hathaway and Russell Brand, who haven't signed on yet but are rumored to be attached to the project, which is set to begin filming in May. (via The Playlist)