Pizza and maximum wailage!!! This is what suburban childhood in the 1980s is all about, and any of you who have ever crapped your pants from either fear or excitement from an animatronic, anthropomorphic animal rock band (from either Showbiz Pizza or Chuck E. Cheese) can attest to its seductive power. I remember going to Showbiz Pizza back in the mid-1980s and spending countless hours at the skeeball machine, trying to win enough tickets to get a sh*tty frisbee with the likeness of the keyboard playing gorilla on it... then getting said frisbee and finally winding down to watch a set from The Rock-afire Explosion while over-indulging in pizza. It's why my grandmother had to buy me clothes in the "Husky" section of Dillard's department store.

Anyway, Rock-afire Explosion: The Movie, which is all about one man's love of the Showbiz Pizza house band - to the point of actually buying a set of them and recreating the experience in his garage - is now available on DVD. Rent it. Buy it. Anything. Just watch it. And if you think this is some joke, check out animatronic maestro Chris Thrash's youtube page. We recommend doing so while huffing mozzarella for the full experience. You will not be disappointed.

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