Like Robocop's one-man mission to eliminate crime in Detroit, relativel unknown writer Josh Zetumer has also been given a gargantuan task: write a new version of the it's-exactly-perfect-as-it-is film Robocop. Lucky for Zetumer, if he does a bad job, he would only get attacked by critics and fanboys, who rarely carry guns. Samurai swords, that's more likely.

MGM has hired Zetumer to pen their Robocop reboot, to be helmed by gritty Brazilian filmmaker Jose Padilha (Elite Squad). Zetumer's credits include a draft of a Dune movie, a draft of Bourne 4, and a draft of a draft of a rewrite of something else big, I'm sure. However, he's never been given an on-screen credit. Because of this, maybe MGM will insist on putting him into a robot body that will allow him to write stronger and faster than ever before. Nothing gives a writer more confidence than becoming a cyborg. (/Film)