Though we don't have any details about the mysterious villain Benicio Del Toro will play in Star Trek 2, we do know he won't be playing Khan... or RoboCop. That's because RoboCop has just joined the sequel.

With cameras set to roll, JJ Abrams has cast Peter Weller in an unspecified part. Since this is a JJ Abrams film, there are no details about who or what Weller will play. Will he reprise his Star Trek: Enterprise role of John Frederick Paxton, the racist that almost derailed the formation of the Federation? A hard-as-nails Star Fleet senior official who doesn't cotton to the antics of Chris Pine's Kirk? Or maybe the spirit of a long-dead God that roams the galaxy in a vague, on-going mystery that makes us all ponder creation. Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, he'll be a severely wounded ensign they are able to bring back with cybernetic implants. That last option should be old hat for him. (Variety)