Robert Zemeckis is going back to what he knows. And what he knows is movies about people from the 80's travelling through time.

After just flat-out pissing people off with The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, and Mars Needs Moms, he's hitched his "star" to Replay, a thriller about a man who dies in 1988, but, upon his death as a 43 year-old, he awakens in 1963 as his 18 year-old self, but with all the wisdom he's accrued up until his death in 1988. And every time he reaches 1988, he dies and circles back to 1963 with more and more wisdom guiding the choices he makes from there, with the endgame being saving his daughter's life.

Vulture reports that he's in final talks with Warner Bros., though the studio might just be distracting him so he doesn't end up motion-capturing Gone with the Wind or something.

The screenplay was written by Jason Smilovic, who has Lucky Number Slevin and NBC's Christian Slater thriller"My Own Worst Enemy" to his credit, so there's precisely zero chance this story won't be outstanding.

The story has actually been a hot property around Hollywood, but it has had trouble getting traction, and if Zemeckis is able to find his former glory with this project, it might lead people to be less angry with him for Beowolf.