Robert Zemeckis is no stranger to doing things. He did a thing back in the 80s called Back to the Future, which was a big hit. He's also done a couple things with Tom Hanks that both turned out to be hugely successful, Forrest Gump and Cast Away. Now, Zemeckis is being sought for another Tom Hanks thing - Major Matt Mason, based on the action figure from Mattel.

Not a lot of details on plot, except that it's a "live-action family film about space adventure." Oh, and it'll be in 3D because of course it will be. Given that it's a space adventure starring Tom Hanks based on an action figure, it seems to me that Toy Story comparisons are inevitable - more specifically, Buzz Lightyear comparisons. A quick Google tells me that Major Matt is from 1966, so he predates Buzz Lightyear by about 30 years, and I think it's safe to say probably served as an inspiration for Buzz. It'd be pretty neat if Tom Hanks could end up voicing both Buzz Lightyear's BFF, Woody, and one of the characters to inspire him, Major Matt Mason. (The Hollywood Reporter)