[caption id="attachment_7231" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="What a crappy Make a Wish."]


Mr. Peanut is getting a makeover, and Robert Downey Jr. will be the man behind the shell, in a voicing capacity. $35 million dollars will go into making the Planters mascot tastier. Mr. Peanut will also get a new sidekick who the ad agency would like you to know is not interested in his boss's nuts: "Benson is quite enamored of Mr. Peanut,' Mr. Levine said, but they are, as the saying goes, just friends. Benson does not live in Mr. Peanut’s house, Mr. Wixom said." This should be familiar territory for Downey Jr. After playing Sherlock Holmes, the actor is no stranger to ambiguous right-hand men. Watson gives him those looks sometimes, and it's not just because he has an astigmatism. (Vulture)