The remake news is flooding in so fast that our interns just took their own lives. Today's big story (so far) is that Robert Downey Jr. and Warner Bros have teamed up to co-produce a feature adaptation of the famed TV show Perry Mason that ran from 1957-1966 starring Raymond Burr. Of course, there was a radio series and film franchise in the 1930's as well, but people who watched that are too old for the internet, so we needn't harp on it.

The films will be set in the world of 1930's Los Angeles, where Perry Mason will have his hands full representing those rightfully and wrongfully accused of crimes. While I'm not thrilled of the idea of yet another remake, this thing is far away enough from my consciousness that it might as well be new to me. It sounds a bit like L.A. Confidential, so I'm gonna go ahead and take off my "cynical" hat and put on my "Yay because this sort of sounds like L.A. Confidential" hat. It's a very specific hat that I don't get to break out as often as I'd like.