Robert De Niro has decided to squeeze one more boxing film in before he gets too old and decrepit to put any force behind his arms. He's signed on for Hands Of Stone, a biopic about legendary boxing champ, who I just learned of, Roberto Durán. De Niro will play trainer Ray Arcel to Zero Dark Thirty's Édgar Ramírez's Durán in the film that charts Durán's legendary brawls with Sugar Ray Leonard, culminating in the bizarre, final match where Durán decided he didn't like getting punched anymore and quit mid-fight while crying out "No mas."

Producer Jay Weisleder says “The story of Roberto Duran and Ray Arcel is not only a homage to the golden days of boxing; it is most importantly the story of a fatherless man who teaches every single one of us the true meaning of never giving up.” Except, of course, the part at the very end when Durán famously gives up. Just go get a soda or something during that part. (Deadline)