Robert De Niro, who was most recently seen taking a needle to Little Bobby, has all but killed Jonathan Demme's Honeymoon With Harry. Demme has walked from the project after De Niro repeatedly balked at the film which, by every indicator, seems like a hit.

The script be Paul Haggis (and re-written by Rachel Getting Married's Jenny Lumet) has long been considered one of the best unmade films, and is loved by both New Line Cinema and star Bradley Cooper. And do you have any idea how hard it is to get Bradley Cooper to love you? His wild heart cannot be tamed.

But De Niro is simply not interested which has proven to have a ripple effect on the entire production. Cooper doesn't want to appear disloyal to De Niro (who can blame him after the master thesp's turn in Rocky & Bullwinkle), and Demme doesn't want to make the film under negative circumstances. Maybe if Demme were to write in a scene where Ben Stiller accidentally serves poop at dinner or one where Billy Crystal prescribes him a drug that causes extreme cottonmouth and zany side effects, he'd have De Niro's commitment. Until that time, however, Kevin James needs someone to play a stern judge in a movie about a fat lawyer who falls down a lot. And then Queen Latifah is all like, "Awwwww, Hell no!" (Deadline)