Tirelessly versatile auteur Rob Zombie has his next project lined up: A horror movie called The Lords of Salem. He also wrote the script, and unlike previously reported, it isn't a period piece, but instead is about "contemporary Salem, where the inhabitants receive a demonic visit from a 300-year old coven of witches. The town of Salem should be pleased at the certain increase in tourism from witches and other practitioners of the dark arts. The movie will  be the third released under the "Haunted Movies" brand, which is also releasing Barry Levinson's The Bay.

Wait, Barry Levinson? Rain Man Barry Levinson? Rob Zombie is working under the same banner as Barry Levinson? This is the least hardcore development I can imagine. This is like Marilyn Manson doing an album with Stevie Wonder. Actually, that would be pretty cool. (via The Hollywood Reporter)