Rob Schneider To Address Exclamation Point-Inversion Epidemic With ‘¡Rob!’

Wednesday, November 16 by
Rob Schneider has plenty of booze back at his place if you girls wanna join him.  

Sure, Rob Schneider had perhaps left our hearts and minds for a brief period of time, but he was never too far. Rather than indulging us with fantasies of male prostitutes or animals that are actually people, he spent his time out of mind preparing for us, ¡Rob!, a program based on his real-life experience marrying into a tightly knit Latino family.

I’m not saying the Latino angle isn’t good, but couldn’t you really make a decent sit-com out of Rob Schneider marrying into ANY type of family? Except black. America’s probably not ready for that yet.

The series has been announced for a while, so the big takeaway from this news piece is that it’s called ¡Rob! and that CBS execs still haven’t changed their mind about this show being a good idea since announcing it.

Joking aside, it’s nice to have Rob Schneider back in my life. I tried to fill the void with deep cuts from the Viggo Mortensen catalog, but that was cold comfort. This sounds like a good vehicle for him, and if anyone can bridge the rift between American citizens and Mexican immigrants, it’s Rob Schneider.

That said, if CBS doesn’t change the title of the show so that I don’t have to google how to type a “¡” every time I need to reference it, I’m never writing about it again.

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