Martin Scorsese's upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street is shaping up to have one plum of a cast. And in addition to names like star Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Jean Dujardin, a new name was recently announced: None other than Rob "Stop Calling Me 'Meathead'" Reiner, who will be playing the part of Leonardo DiCaprio's dad.

Interesting thing about the current picture we have of the cast: Hill, Dujardin, and Reiner are all known for their work in comedic productions. This is leading some analysts to speculate that perhaps Scorsese has something a bit more lighthearted in mind than the movie's subject matter might suggest at first - it's about "a wheeling and dealing New York stockbroker who sees his career and personal life fall into shambles thanks to sex, drugs and alcohol." Uh, hilarious? (The Playlist)