Rob Lowe has had a career rennaisance playing powerful political operatives in "The West Wing,""Brothers and Sisters," and, uh, "Parks and Recreation," so it's no surprise that he was rounded up to star in the political thriller The Knife Fight about the shady goings-on of political operatives. No director has been named for the project yet, but expect Lowe's involvement to change that in short order.

The production timeline contemplates an October 2012 release to coincide with the presidential election. Because audiences will definitely be wanting for political content right around the United States presidential election.

This news caps off a banner week for Lowe that saw his autobiography Stories I Only Tell My Friends shoot to #3 on the New York Times Bestseller Lists. With these recent accomplishments, Lowe is slowly earning that smugness that he's carried with him for so many years. One can only wonder when we will be able to say the same about that sonofabitch Bradley Whitford. (Deadline)