Rob Cohen can't deny who he is. And "who he is" is the helmer of the seminal, original The Fast and the Furious. So after his dalliance with the literary thriller, I, Alex Cross, starring (shiver) Tyler Perry, he will return to his bread-and-butter with the Andrew Hilton-penned Bullet Run, a straight-up action film that features lots and lots of fast cars.

A private security guru and his former-operative wife bust into Iran to exact vengeance on the man that killed their daughter. HOWEVER, things go awry, forcing the husband-and-wife team to steal a bunch of tuner supercars (they just happened to be lying around?) and extract themselves from harm's way with their hostage.

Though Cohen claims Bullet Run to be "a unique and genre bending action film," I have yet to see how this bends the action genre one bit, which is not a criticism. Stick to your guns, Rob, and shoot the shit out of those cars. (Deadline)