Each generation has its own Alfred - the Butler and loyal confidant to Bruce Wayne, who rumor has it might also have some ties to the vigilante known as Batman. But character actor Michael Gough, who had a career spanning from 1946, and who played Alfred in the 4 Batman movies that started with 1989's Batman, is THE Alfred for people who were kids in the 90s (like me). And now, at the age of 94, Gough has passed away.

Gough has done a lot more than just played Batman's butler, though. He's done more TV, film, and theater work than could be reasonably relayed here - he played Dr. Who once, was a key member of the Hammer Horror stable of actors, and several other Tim Burton movies aside from Batman and Batman Returns. As talented an actor and as warm a screen presence as Michael Gough couldn't help but be missed, and that he will. He was 94. (via ScreenRant)