Eminem, the rapper who continues to keep the record industry afloat, has signed on to play an ex-con in Random Acts of Violence. It's my understanding that the ability to spit mad flows isn't a requirement for the role. The project was originally intended to be a big screen adaptation of the uber popular Grand Theft Auto video games, but those drafts of the script have gone away and writer-director David Von Ancken is steering it in more of a thriller-y direction.

According to Vulture, Eminem will play "an ex-con smarter than his past is fresh out of prison and trying to stay legit — but his efforts are complicated by his old gang, who want him back on the job. So, too, does the FBI, which hopes he’ll wear a wire and bring down the crime syndicate. The ex-con, meanwhile, tries to play both sides against each other long enough to exact revenge against those — on both sides of the law — who sent him to prison in the first place."

Wow, that sounds like a...crime thriller. The above synopsis is so generic, it's clearly going to be execution dependent. Two things are certain, though. Mekhi Phifer will eek his way into a role, and when all is said and done the movie will become one long music video for whatever single Eminem releases on the soundtrack.