I find Ridley Scott's upcoming Monopoly movie adaptation to be much more intriguing than the upcoming CGI-orgy Candyland or Battleship, as it leaves a lot of latitude for the creative types to tell an actual story. Offhand, I'm hoping for some completely strange amalgam of Clue and Boardwalk Empire.

And thanks to the news that Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski will be penning the screenplay, it looks like this might be an actual "film" and not some perverse 90-minute product placement exercise. The duo has shared credits on Ed Wood, The People Vs. Larry Flynt, and Man on the Moon.

One can only assume that this means we will see Rich Uncle Pennybags as a tragically flawed character, possibly played by Daniel Day-Lewis, leading a hollow existence as he finds himself in and out of jail, entering beauty contests, and carrying with him the dark burden of unreported bank errors in his favor.