Ridley Scott is attached to direct and produce a historical drama called Reykjavik, about a famous Cold War meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1986. You may want answers to the following questions:

Will it take place in the Alien universe?

If so, will we see xenomorphs?

If there are xenomorphs, will they look like classic Alien aliens? Also, will Reagan fight them?

The answer to all three questions is: don't go see this, if you want answers to those questions. Here's the link to Prometheus news. Reykjavik is a small budget film about two real life historical figures chatting in a room, written by Kevin Hood. Seems like this might be an Oscar-ish type of project, so maybe Scott wants a statue on his mantle that's not a maquette of an Alien Warrior. (ScreenDaily)