Ridley Scott and his brother Hatty McRedHatsAlot are halting their ongoing purple nirple war to team up on a new project. The directors will combine their Britishness to produce a television miniseries adaptation of "Labyrinth." The best-selling novel by Kate Mosse follows a woman who discovers a ring with an intricate labyrinth engraved on it. That ring attracts the attention of an evil detective and a wealthy, powerful woman (Oprah?).

Intertwined with this story, is one of a 17-year old girl in the thirteenth-century who is on a mission to protect the secrets of the Holy Grail from the invading French.

How those stories mesh isn't exactly clear but I'd be interested to see Ridley direct the thirteenth-century storyline and Tony helm the present day. Mainly because a Kenny Loggins soundtrack would be distracting laid on top of the French invasion. (Variety)