Ricky Gervais will be teaming with former Dexter mastermind Clyde Phillips to introduce the world to Afterlife, a TV series that focuses on an atheist who finds his way to heaven. Gervais will serve the show in a creator/producer capacity, but his time spent in front of the camera will be limited to cameos, which have become a hallmark of Gervais in recent series.

This project follows The Invention of Lying, a film in which Gervais introduces God to a naive population. Sounds like the tables will be turned this go-round. As Gervais will be the one in need of a little religious education.

The pilot will film in early 2012, so expect some word on it during the upfronts next May, though it's not certain whether this will be a cable or network show. Gervais will finally answer the age-old question "Is there 'awkward' in heaven?" (EW)