Richard Kelly Talks ‘The Box’

Tuesday, November 3 by

Richard Kelly enjoys the macbre and the mindf**k equally.  He brings real emotion to his stories, but he also wants you to think…about what the hell is happening in his twisted narratives. And before you begrudgingly scream out "Southland Tales!" at your computer screen, let’s just all take a deep breath and give him a pass on that one. And now all the people that liked Southland Tales are probably screaming at their computer screens, so you should also take a deep breath. We’re all friends here.

Collider snagged a fantastically in depth interview with Richard Kelly in which he discusses his latest film The Box. It’s one that’s sure to get you questioning your morals and asking yourself, "What is up with Frank Langella’s face?" Kelly even talks about his past films, a Donnie Darko Blu Ray edition, and possibly going back into Southland Tales and working out the kinks. Let’s all cross our fingers for Southland Tales: Redux, the ten hour director’s cut, hitting theatres when we can take our hovercraft cars there to see it.

Check out the interview in two parts below. 

Richard Kelly Discusse The Box Part 1 – Watch more Funny Videos 

Richard Kelly Discusses The Box Part 2 – Watch more Funny Videos

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