Richard Curtis And Stephen Daldry Want To Wallow In Trash Together

Tuesday, April 5 by

Richard Curtis and Stephen Daldry are teaming up for a project that doesn’t involve Hugh Grant.  The duo are teaming up for Andy Mulligan’s Trash.

The story follows three extremely poor, uneducated boys who make a living by picking through garbage. One day they find a very rare item that the police are eager to get their hands on. From that point on, the boys have to run for their lives and solve the mystery that will set right a terrible wrong.

Curtis is most well-known for writing Love Actually and Four Weddings And A Funeral, and Daldry has directed The Hours and Billy Elliot. I’m not sure where Hugh Grant would work in this story but you’d think that Curtis would want to work in his comfort zone. Maybe they’ll figure out a cameo for him like Marvel does with Stan Lee. (Variety)

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