Remember that Dennis Quaid family film The Rookie? Well, this story is just like that, only it has a lot more people getting punched in the face. American Fighter, which sounds like a cross between American Pie and The Fighter (wouldn't that be awesome?), chronicles the true story of the rise of Rich Franklin from lowly math teacher to MMA champion.

David Hollander, who penned The Cleaner and The Guardian, will take on writing duty for this one. Lest you think it will focus on just one man, may you get kneed in the face repeatedly until you tap out or are rendered unconscious. It will also document the rise of MMA from PPV niche entertainment to the multimedia juggernaut that it is today.  Just check out some mma news to see how popular it has really gotten.

While distribution and logistics are still a long way off, this could be the inaugural serious MMA film. I'm not going to count the Kevin James one as "serious." Or even as a "film," for that matter. (THR)