Rhys Ifans [post-album postid="220508" item="1"]is apparently attempting a weekend-long campaign to be labeled in stories like this one as a "bad boy." He did kind of a half-assed job though, since his "berating everyone from the security staff to the United States of America.” didn't even get him arrested, contrary to a Comic-Con rumor that's been floating around. It was basically just a slight altercation with security over a member of Ifans' entourage, and Ifans' desire to smoke a cigarette backstage before attending the The Amazing Spider-Man panel. You can't cage this Rhys Ifans, United States of America/Comic-Con 2011 security staff!

Speaking of rumors, the one that Ifans had signed on to the next James Bond movie with Daniel Craig has also turned out to be false. When asked by MTV if the 'Bond 23' rumor was true, he replied “No. I just have a license to kill." Bad boy zing! No word on whether Ifans is still a possibility for the movie, or if he's out (or was never in) for good. It's probably for the best that he not be in it, since whoever heard of a character in a Bond movie smoking a cigarette? Somebody call security. (The Playlist)