‘Resident Evil’ Has A 3D Poster And A Familiar Face

Tuesday, June 1 by

With all the focusing on who will or will not be objectified in Transformers 3, we’ve lost sight of another important issue. Will someone accessorize their tube top with a gun holster in Resident Evil: Afterlife? Answer is yes. Actress Milla Jovovich tweeted that Sienna Guillory will return to the role of Jill Valentine in the sequel.

“So to answer many of your questions in one fell swoop, yes! The gorgeous and talented Sienna Guillory is back as Jill Valentine in RE4!!!”

That’s pretty much what I just said. You guys could have just taken my word for it. Jerks. In other Resident Evil news, ultimate-re has released a new "3D" poster for the movie. But be warned, it’s 3D in the same sense that the "Lost" finale supplied closure.


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