Oh, and they're both Sony films. But that's it, everybody.

The Resident Evil series is coming back to the big screen with a fifth installment on September 14, 2012. Sony and the Umbrella Corporation have made big profits killing zombies time and again. Actually, the last outing/slaughtering - Resident Evil: Afterlife - outgrossed all the previous sequels with $200 million dollars worldwide. So: more money, more zombies, more sequels, more problems for the last remaining regumans (regular humans).

Meanwhile, on the other end of the culture spectrum, handsome, suit-wearing gentleman George Clooney will see his Howard Dean inspired election film Ides of March open October 14 of this year. Clooney is co-writing, directing and starring with a cast that includes Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti and Evan Rachel Wood. There will be zombies in this one too, but the metaphorical "political" zombies of greed and power that'll eat the brains of a young idealist politician. (/Film)