That Renner is so hot right now.

Points to the casting agent who noticed the similarities. Both Jeremy Renner and Julian Assange enjoy faces that could be described as "squishy," so the other considerations are rendered moot by this squishiness.

It's been over a year since we were hit with a deluge of Wikileaks-based projects, none of which have come to fruition, leaving us to wonder if anyone, anywhere even cares about Wikileaks anymore.

The scandal of Julian Assange, the Internet rebel who some claimed created international transparency, and others claimed performed thousands of acts of treason, has since died down, but that could just mean we're no longer sick of the story, so maybe we're ready for a movie.

Glass is half-full, right?

Apparently the turn is Renner's idea, who presumably wants to play a different type of wanted man after The Bourne Legacy.