Oh, for it to be 1998 again. We'd all be running around in carpenter jeans with frosted tips, listening to Limp Bizkit and paying our hard-earned money for CDs and Rachel Leigh Cook films.

Simpler times. But times we can relive again thanks to Savage Steve Holland, a man who, almost 30 years ago, brought us Better Off Dead starring John Cusack and One Crazy Summer. Holland will now give us, with the benefit of his old age and wisdom, Multiplexing, a film about teens in a small town that hosts a big move premiere.

Though the director has been doing time directing show in Nickelodeon purgatory, he has a pretty irreverent style which should make this film interesting, especially when filmed through the lens of a man 30 years older than when he last dabbled in the genre.

It will be like a Terrence Malick film, but with far more hoodies.