Lil' Romeo, the son of Master P and No Limit records founder Percy "Master P" Miller, is pursuing acting and wants to be known by the more formal "Romeo Miller."

Which is exactly why I'm going to keep calling him Lil' Romeo.

Lil' Romeo will play the lead in Chocolate City, which Deadline is calling an "urban stripper drama." Go on. I'm listening...

Romeo will play a college student who is forced into stripping to pay some bills. Really? That's the logline? Ugh. That's some Lifetime Television-level plot development right there. Is he also a nurse? Or a single mother?

The film will also star Michael Jai White and Tyson Beckford, so, yeah, it's pretty much a black Magic Mike. Which isn't the worst thing in the world by itself, but when it casts Lil' Romeo in the lead, it pretty much becomes the worst thing in the world.

Your move, Bow Wow.